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  Yingkou Rui Rui Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to plant fiber environmental protection products research and development, manufacturing, sales and services, to "protect the earth, care for environmental protection" as a lifelong goal. The company's R & D team after decades of intensive research, accurately grasp the method of making plant fiber as the main raw material, supplemented by self-developed patented formula developed plant fiber green products to replace the wooden products and non environmentally friendly plastic products, and the formula and strength to achieve even beyond the strict environmental protection standard international Aerospace industry. The company's strong advantages from raw materials to automated production, the project in addition to winning the world invention patents, and by a number of domestic and foreign well-known investment company's attention and cooperation agreement on the project. By virtue of "protecting the earth, love life" business philosophy and "honesty, truth-seeking, enterprising" style of work and "high quality, high efficiency" service attitude, over the years won the praise of Chinese and foreign customers. We welcome the environmental scholar, Gongxiangshengju, work together to protect the earth, care for environmental protection.


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Steel city of Liaoning province Yingkou City West Road No. 1


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