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Energy saving and environmental protection industry weekly: offensive and defensive

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Energy saving and environmental protection industry weekly: offensive and defensive

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Offensive and defensive news: severe haze appeared in Shanghai, opening of the third plenary session. The point of our view that market policy in the short term is expected to cool, but in winter haze frequency strengthen, plate heat should not decline, but the impact of the role of the market in the haze weakened, in the short term environmental protection is difficult to separate out in the market rally, as defensive varieties, environmental protection should be the preferred configuration, the left and right index stocks in 2014 the valuation of 26 times, if the market rebound, the rebound is set beyond the market environment.

We still adhere to the "steady growth and stable growth than expected" combination, combination of Sander environment, clean water source, the two companies in 2014 were valued at about 26 times; in winter haze aggravated, the atmosphere of sector opportunities came, we recommend the growth cycle longer, the two operators of the state power fresh in power as far as the combination of attention than expected; the water purifier industry in the biggest beneficiaries of Magicstor, than expected performance of Werleigh, Sheng Yun shares, Tianjin membrane technology.

Industry performance over the past week: winning!

Last week (from November 4th to November 8th), the people's livelihood and environmental protection index rise of 3.29%, people's livelihood waste index rise -0.81%, the people's livelihood, livelihood sewage atmosphere index rise 11.07% and 1.60%, the Shanghai stock index, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index and the gem index rose declines of -2.02%, -3.23% and -0.89%.

Dynamic planning of industry information:

(1) the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced in the third quarter of 2013 the key environmental pollution incident handling market dynamics: (1) the fly ash treatment chaos: six, blind use difficult to secure (2) deputy director Jie Zhenhua attended the "policy and action to address climate change China 2013 annual report" press conference (1) China Everbright International Company to build new business center for hazardous waste form (2) originwater's first independent reverse osmosis membrane production line put into operation soon (3) Sander international signed a $110 million financing agreement

Risk prompt: systemic risk of growth stocks


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