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Formation mechanism of aldehyde resin in melamine resin factory

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Formation mechanism of aldehyde resin in melamine resin factory

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Trimeric amine resin and radon reaction of urea and formaldehyde were similar, the first addition reaction, generate hydroxymethyl derivatives, but the reaction rate of melamine formaldehyde resin than urea formaldehyde resin, the reaction is more complete, so it is generally addition and condensation reaction in alkaline medium.

1 melamine molecules have 6 active hydrogen atoms per molecule, so up to six hydroxymethyl derivatives to produce formaldehyde reacted with 6 molecules, but as adhesive, the molar ratio of general control is more suitable in 1:2-3.


Polycondensation stage: the resulting hydroxymethyl melamine is further condensed in neutral or weakly alkaline medium to form two dimers linked with ether bond or methylene bond.

The formed two polymers undergo cross-linking reaction after heating to form insoluble and non melting resin, i.e., the polymer formed into a network structure.

In the actual production, due to different amount of formaldehyde, the number of hydroxymethyl containing trimeric amine molecules can each Ling 2-6. Between the active hydrogen between the hydroxymethyl condensation reaction occurred mainly in the 2 molecules or hydroxymethyl and other 1 melamine in amino on the first 1 reaction CH2O, CH2, 1 months after the reaction of a CH2 key, so that the two oxygen trimer amine molecules together.

Bonus stage: in the neutral or weak acid alkaline medium, two poly einsteinium amine and formaldehyde generated methylol melamine.

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