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What are the factors affecting the waterproof glue of melamine?

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What are the factors affecting the waterproof glue of melamine?

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Melamine resin manufacturers of products in many fields have been used, what kind of features it has, we'll come to understand it today.

We know that there are many factors affecting its quality, such as process control or improper equipment, electrical failure and poor quality of raw materials and other reasons have a relationship, but the cause of the negative method of gel is a relationship with the machine control system of the end point, especially the two phase with urea acid polycondensation the improper control leads to a sudden increase of viscosity, cannot flow and elastic gel.


 Its properties include heat resistance, medium resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance of it in order to change the temperature test under different bonding strength, the vast majority of currently used adhesive is prepared by organic polymer material, compared with metal and silicate inorganic material, easily aging deterioration the problem. Therefore, it is often doubted whether adhesively bonded joints can be used for a long time. According to the aging factors and aging characteristics of adhesives, the aging properties of adhesives mainly include three kinds of artificial accelerated weathering, thermal aging and long-term hygrothermal aging.

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